Upcoming SME IPOs in India | Upcoming IPOs for IPO Investment

For the best IPO investment, you need to know which upcoming IPOs are coming into the market. An experienced investor always does thorough research before investing in an SME IPO. To do this research it is necessary to know which IPOs are coming in the future. For this reason, we make a list of Upcoming SME IPOs in India.

Upcoming SME IPOs in India
Upcoming SME IPOs in India – IPO GMP Today

Upcoming SME IPOs in India

See the list of Upcoming SME IPOs in India for IPO investment in SME IPO. This List was daily updated.

IPO NameIPO OpenClose DatePriceExchange
Resourceful Automobile IPONot AnnouncedNot Announced₹117BSE SME
Vilas Transcore IPOMay 27, 2024May 29, 2024₹139 to ₹147NSE SME
GSM Foils Limited IPOMay 24, 2024May 28, 2024₹32NSE SME
Hariom Atta & Spices IPOMay 16, 2024May 21, 2024₹48NSE SME
Rulka Electricals IPOMay 16, 2024May 21, 2024₹223 to ₹235NSE SME
Quest Laboratories IPOMay 15, 2024May 17, 2024₹93 to ₹97NSE SME
Indian Emulsifier IPOMay 13, 2024May 16, 2024₹125 to ₹132BSE SME
Veritaas Advertising IPOMay 13, 2024May 15, 2024₹109 to ₹114NSE SME
Mandeep Auto Industries IPOMay 13, 2024May 15, 2024₹67NSE SME
Paramount Forge IPOMay 2024May 2024Coming SoonNSE SME
ABS Marine Services Limited IPOMay 10, 2024May 15, 2024₹140 to ₹147NSE SME
Piotex Industries IPOMay 10, 2024May 14, 2024₹94BSE SME
Aztec Fluids & Machinery IPOMay 10, 2024May 14, 2024₹63 to ₹67BSE SME
Premier Roadlines IPOMay 10, 2024May 14, 2024₹63 to ₹67BSE SME
Energy Mission Machineries IPOMay 09, 2024May 13, 2024₹131 to ₹138NSE SME
TGIF Agribusiness Limited IPOMay 08, 2024May 10, 2024₹93BSE SME
Silkflex Polymers IPOMay 07, 2024May 10, 2024₹52NSE SME
Finelistings Technologies IPOMay 07, 2024May 09, 2024₹123BSE SME
Winsol Engineers IPOMay 06, 2024 May 09, 2024₹71 to ₹75NSE SME
Refractory Shapes IPOMay 06, 2024May 09, 2024₹31NSE SME
Slone Infosystems IPOMay 03, 2024May 07, 2024₹79NSE SME
Amkay Products Limited IPOApril 30, 2024May 3, 2024₹55BSE SME
Racks & Rollers IPOApril 30, 2024May 3, 2024₹73 to ₹78BSE SME
Sai Swami Metals And Alloys IPOApril 30, 2024May 3, 2024₹60BSE SME

Listed SME IPOs in India in 2024

Here is the list of already listed IPOs in BSE or NSE for open trading in 2024. All IPOs are New stock listed on Stock Exchanges on BSE and NSE and they all are SME IPOs.

IPO NameOpen DateClose DatePriceExchange
Shivam Chemicals IPO23 April 202425 April 2024₹44BSE SME
Emmforce Autotech IPO23 April 2024 25 April 2024₹93 to ₹98NSE SME
Varyaa Creations IPO22 April 2024 25 April 2024₹150BSE SME
Faalcon Concepts IPO19 April 2024 23 April 2024₹62BSE SME
Grill Splendour Services IPO15 April 2024 18 April 2024₹120NSE SME
Ramdevbaba Solvent IPO15 April 2024 18 April 2024₹85NSE SME
Greenhitech Ventures IPO12 April 2024 16 April 2024₹50BSE SME
Teerth Gopicon IPO8 April 2024 11 April 2024₹111NSE SME
DCG Wires and Cables IPO8 April 2024 10 April 2024₹100NSE SME
Creative Graphics Solutions IPO28 March 20244 April 2024₹85NSE SME
Aluwind Architectural IPO28 March 20244 April 2024₹45NSE SME
K2 Infragen IPO28 March 20243 April 2024₹119NSE SME
Jay Kailash Namkeen IPO28 March 20243 April 2024₹73BSE SME
Yash Optics & Lens IPO27 March 2024 3 April 2024₹81NSE SME
TAC Infosec IPO27 March 2024 2 April 2024₹106NSE SME
Radiowalla IPO27 March 20242 April 2024₹76NSE SME
GConnect Logitech IPO26 March 202428 March 2024₹40BSE SME
Aspire & Innovative IPO26 March 202428 March 2024₹54NSE SME
Blue Pebble IPO26 March 2024 28 March 2024₹168NSE SME
Naman In-Store IPO22 March 2024 27 March 2024₹89NSE SME
Vishwas Agri Seeds IPO21 March 202426 March 2024₹86NSE SME
Vruddhi Engineering IPO26 March 2024 28 March 2024₹70BSE SME
Omfurn India IPO20 March 202422 March 2024₹75NSE SME
Chatha Foods IPO19 March 202421 March 2024₹56BSE SME
Enser Communications IPO15 March 202419 March 2024₹70NSE SME
Enfuse Solutions IPO15 March 202419 March 2024₹96NSE SME
KP Green Engineering IPO15 March 202419 March 2024₹144BSE SME
AVP Infracon IPO13 March 202415 March 2024₹75NSE SME
Royal Sense IPO12 March 202414 March 2024₹68
Signoria Creation IPO20 Feb 202422 Feb 2024₹129NSE SME
Zenith Drugs IPO19 Feb 2024 22 Feb 2024₹79NSE SME
Esconet Technologies IPO16 Feb 202420 Feb 2024₹84NSE SME
Atmastco IPO15 Feb 2024 20 Feb 2024₹77NSE SME
Interiors and More IPO15 Feb 202420 Feb 2024₹227NSE SME
Thaai Casting IPO15 Feb 202420 Feb 2024₹77NSE SME
Kalahridhaan Trendz IPO15 Feb 202420 Feb 2024₹45NSE SME
WTI Cabs IPO12 Feb 202414 Feb 2024₹147NSE SME
Polysil Irrigation Systems IPO8 Feb 202413 Feb 2024₹54NSE SME
Alpex Solar IPO8 Feb 202412 Feb 2024₹115NSE SME
Rudra Gas Enterprise IPO8 Feb 2024 12 Feb 2024₹63BSE SME
Italian Edibles IPO2 Feb 20247 Feb 2024₹68NSE SME
Gabriel Pet Straps IPO31 Jan 20242 Feb 2024₹101NSE SME
Gabriel Pet Straps IPO31 Jan 20242 Feb 2024₹101BSE SME
Baweja Studios IPO29 Jan 20241 Feb 2024₹180NSE SME

How To Apply for SME IPOs?

To apply for the SME IPOs online, you have two payment options: UPI or ASBA. Here’s how you can do it through various platforms:

  1. Zerodha, Dhan, Angle One etc.: These brokers offer UPI IPO applications. You can apply for the IPO through their respective platforms by selecting the current SME IPO name and completing the application process using UPI as the payment method.
  2. ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and SBI Bank: These banks provide ASBA IPO applications. You can apply for the IPO through their net banking portals. Simply log in to your bank account, navigate to the IPO section, select the Racks & Rollers IPO, and fill out the application form, specifying the bid quantity and price. Then, submit the application using ASBA as the payment method.

To Download SME IPO Application From Visit – SME IPO Application Form Download

How To See SME IPO GMP (Gray Market Premium)?

For seeing any SME IPO’s Live GMP ( Gray Market Premium) Visit – the IPO GMP Dashboard


What is an SME IPO?

SME IPOs ( Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ Initial Public Offerings) are for smaller, growing companies. SME IPOs have easier listing requirements and attract a smaller investor base. SME IPOs get less attention, but listing still gives them exposure.

What Is The Difference between SME IPO And Mainboard IPO?

SME IPOs are for smaller, budding firms with simpler listing criteria, appealing to a niche investor group, while Main Board IPOs suit larger, established companies with stricter requirements, garnering broad media coverage and investor interest. Despite lesser spotlight, SME IPOs offer crucial exposure, while Main Board IPOs enjoy significant media attention and diverse investor appeal.

Is SME IPO Good for IPO Investment?

Investing in SME IPOs can be a bit like betting on the underdog. Big gains have potential because these smaller companies often have room to grow and innovate. But it’s also riskier because they might not have the same track record or financial stability as bigger companies. It depends on how much risk you are willing to take and how much research you are prepared to do.

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