Live IPO Subscription Status (SME & Mainboard) on BSE and NSE

Our live IPO subscription status report keeps you updated on the live bidding details and subscription numbers for both ongoing and past IPOs. You can easily track the total subscription status for IPOs listed on both BSE and NSE, including mainboard and SME IPOs. Plus, you’ll get insights into subscriptions from various investor categories, such as retail investors, non-institutional investors, and qualified institutional buyers.

Live IPO Subscription Status

Recently Ongoing IPOs for Subscription are:

  • Hariom Atta & Spices IPO
  • Rulka Electricals IPO

Last Update – 21/05/2024 10:45

PO NameIPO Size (Cr)IPO PriceLot SizeQIBssHNIbHNINIIEMPRIITotalStatus
Hariom Atta & Spices IPO₹5.54 Cr.₹483000313.99x771.19x543.55xLive
Rulka Electricals IPO₹26.40 Cr₹2356004.76x221.42x148.66x123.14xLive
Quest Laboratories IPO₹43.16₹97120057.20x184.10x57.63x85.26xClose

Final IPO Subscription Status List

IPO NameIPO Size (Cr)IPO Price LotQIBssHNIbHNINIIRIITotalClose Date
Indian Emulsifier IPO₹42.39 Cr₹1321000175.95x779.63x484.66x460.07x16 May 2024
Veritaas Advertising IPO₹8.48 Cr.₹1141200102.41x629.56x989.44x621.62x15 May 2024
Mandeep Auto Industries IPO₹25.25 Cr.₹67200061.54x90.57x77.23x15 May 2024
ABS Marine Services IPO₹96.29 Cr.₹1471000109.30x270.94x110.24x144.44x15 May 2024
Piotex Industries IPO₹14.47 Cr.₹941200115.21x93.33x107.44x14 May 2024
Aztec Fluids & Machinery IPO₹24.12 Cr.₹672000107.93x341.94x228.43x218.38x14 May 2024
Premier Roadlines IPO₹40.36 Cr.₹67200089.95x180.25x106.50x117.57x14 May 2024
Energy Mission Machineries IPO41.15 Cr.₹1381000161.92x605.19x289.36x320.67x13 May 2024
Aadhar Housing Finance IPO₹3,000 Cr.₹3154776.42x17.33x2.58x
10 May 2024
TBO Tek IPO₹1,550.81 Cr.₹92016125.51x50.60x25.72
10 May 2024
Silkflex Polymers IPO₹18.11 Cr₹52
TGIF Agribusiness Limited₹6.39 Cr₹9312006.39x35.35x32.92x37.13x10 May 2024
Finelistings Technologies IPO₹13.53 Cr.₹123100029.85x38.96x37.44x9 May 2024
Refractory Shapes IPO₹18.60 Cr.₹31400090.59x464.43x259.56x255.08x9 May 2024
Winsol Engineers IPO₹23.36 Cr.₹751600207.23x1,087.81x780.15x682.14x9 May 2024
Indegene IPO₹1,841.76 Cr.₹45233192.72x55.91x7.8670.30x8 May 2024
Slone Infosystems IPO₹11.06 Cr.₹79756.88x540.80x667.81x7 May 2024
Sai Swami Metals & Alloys Limited IPO₹15.00 Cr.₹60533.83x529.01x543.72x3 May 2024
Amkay Products Limited IPO₹12.61 Cr.₹552000173.04x987.34x973.14x748.03x3 May 2024
Storage Technologies & Automation Ltd IPO₹29.95 Cr.₹781600117.86x577.02x242.74x278.82 x3 May 2024
JNK India IPO₹649.47 crores₹4153674.40x15.94x27.73x23.80x4.20x28.46x25th April 2024
Shivam Chemicals IPO₹20.18 crores₹4430000.00x0.00x0.00x4.33x8.88x6.61x25th April 2024
Emmforce Autotech IPO₹53.90 crores₹981200160.58x0.00x0.00x861.98x267.62x364.37x25th April 2024
Varyaa Creations IPO₹20.10 crores₹1501,0000.00x0.00x0.00x1.08x6.09x3.59x25th April 2024
Faalcon Concepts IPO SME₹12.09 crores₹6220000.00x0.00x0.00x93.27x47.17x71.27x23rd April 2024
Vodafone Idea FPO₹18,000.00 ₹11129819.31x0.00x0.00x4.54x1.016.9922nd April 2024
Ramdevbaba Solvent IPO SME₹50.27₹85160065.95x0.00x0.00x314.46x79.96x126.21x18th Apr 2024
Grill Splendour Services IPO SME₹16.47₹12012000.00x0.00x0.00x4.59x12.78x8.68x18th Apr 2024
Greenhitech Ventures IPO SME₹6.30₹5030000.00x0.00x0.00x921.60x597.41x769.95x16th Apr 2024
Teerth Gopicon IPO SME₹44.40₹11112000.00x0.00x0.00x97.12x44.33x75.54x10th Apr 2024
DCG Cables IPO SME₹49.99₹10012000.00x0.00x0.00x11.53x21.70x16.96x10th Apr 2024
Bharti Hexacom IPO Mainboard₹4275.00₹5702648.57x7.00x12.27x10.52x2.83x29.88x5th Apr 2024
Aluwind Architectural IPO SME₹29.70₹4530000.00x0.00x0.00x5.23x10.71x8.19x4th Apr 2024
Creative Graphics Solutions IPO SME₹54.40₹85160098.79x0.00x0.00x472.85x144.63x201.86x4th Apr 2024
Jay Kailash Namkeen IPO SME₹11.93₹7316002.32x0.00x0.00x68.93x50.99x40.02x3rd Apr 2024
Yash Optics IPO SME₹53.15₹81160019.88x0.00x0.00x85.27x32.46x42.17x3rd Apr 2024
K2 Infragen IPO SME₹40.54₹119120023.37x0.00x0.00x113.98x40.70x51.47x3rd Apr 2024
Radiowalla IPO SME₹14.25₹76160087.96x0.00x0.00x491.86x353.98x307.54x2nd Apr 2024
TAC Infosec IPO SME₹29.99₹1061200141.29x0.00x0.00x768.89x433.80x422.03x2nd Apr 2024
Aspire & Innovative IPO SME₹21.97₹5420005.21x0.00x0.00x25.60x16.39x15.17x28th Mar 2024
Trust Fintech IPO SME₹63.45₹101120065.38x0.00x0.00x244.48x75.10x108.63x28th Mar 2024
SRM Contractors IPO Mainboard₹130.20₹2107059.59x203.67x220.57x214.94x46.97x86.57x28th Mar 2024
Blue Pebble IPO SME₹18.14₹16880021.77x0.00x0.00x97.31x58.40x56.32x28th Mar 2024
Vruddhi Engineering Works IPO SME₹4.76₹7020001.05x0.00x0.00x28.14x20.10x12.67x28th Mar 2024

What is the IPO subscription Status?

IPO subscription status tells us how much interest investors have shown in buying shares of a company that’s going public for the first time. It shows whether there’s more demand for shares than the company is offering (oversubscribed) or if there aren’t enough takers for all the shares (undersubscribed). This helps investors understand how hot or cold the market is for that particular IPO.

How do I check the live IPO subscription status?

To check live IPO subscription visit the NSE or BSE website and see the public issue section or visit to see live ipo subscription status by clicking on ipo subscription status menu.

What is the maximum IPO amount a retail investor can apply for?

A retail investor can apply for an IPO up to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh and can apply for a minimum of one lot of IPO shares.

This page is designed to check live IPO subscription status. Here you can see the list of IPOs for which subscription is going on and the list of IPOs that have been subscribed or closed. If you have any special request or need any data related to this Live IPO subscription status then definitely comment and we will try to include that data.

Disclaimer: This website IPO GMP TODAY does not give any investment advice, this data is only for educational information, our website does not give any buy-sale tips, before making any investment, you must analyze it yourself or you can take advice from a SEBI registered financial advisor. We are not SEBI-registered

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