Sahaj Solar IPO Vs Ganesh Green Bharat IPO

Sahaj Solar IPO Vs Ganesh Green Bharat IPO: In the realm of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), two emerging players stand out, Sahaj Solar Limited and Ganesh Green Bharat Limited. Both companies are gearing up for their IPOs on the NSE SME platform, promising opportunities for investors. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Summary Table Of Sahaj Solar IPO Vs Ganesh Green Bharat IPO

AspectSahaj Solar IPOGanesh Green Bharat IPO
Open DateJuly 11, 2024July 5, 2024
Close DateJuly 15, 2024July 9, 2024
Allotment DateJuly 16, 2024July 10, 2024
Listing DateJuly 19, 2024July 12, 2024
Issue SizeRs 52.56 crores, 29.2 lakh sharesRs 125.23 crores, 65.91 lakh shares
Price Band (per share)Rs 171 to Rs 180Rs 181 to Rs 190
Lot Size800 shares600 shares
IPO Listing PlatformNSE SMENSE SME
Subscription DetailsRetail 35%, QIB 50%, HNI 15%Retail 35%, QIB 50%, HNI 15%
Promoters Holding Pre-IPO97.09%100%
Lead ManagerKunvarji Finstock Pvt LtdHEM Securities Ltd
RegistrarKFin Technologies LtdKFin Technologies Ltd
IPO ProspectusSahaj Solar IPO DRHPGanesh Green Bharat IPO DRHP

Sahaj Solar IPO Overview

Opening Opportunities: Sahaj Solar Limited’s IPO opens on July 11, 2024, and closes on July 15, 2024. The company plans to issue 29.2 lakh shares in the price range of ₹171 to ₹180 per share. The listing is scheduled for July 19, 2024, on the NSE SME platform.

Company Overview: Established in 2010, Sahaj Solar specializes in manufacturing photovoltaic modules, solar water pumping systems, and offering EPC services nationwide. It aims to raise Rs 52.56 crores primarily for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Financial Highlights: As of September 30, 2023, Sahaj Solar reported assets worth ₹8,483.62 lakhs and revenue of ₹6,110.30 lakhs.

Ganesh Green Bharat IPO Overview

Opening Opportunities: Ganesh Green Bharat Limited’s IPO begins on July 5, 2024, and concludes on July 9, 2024, with a listing date set for July 12, 2024. The company seeks to issue 65.91 lakh shares priced between ₹181 to ₹190 per share, totalling Rs 125.23 crores.

Company Overview: Founded in April 2016, Ganesh Green Bharat specializes in electrical contracting services and solar products. The IPO aims to fund capital expenditures and meet working capital requirements.

Financial Highlights: For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, Ganesh Green Bharat reported assets of ₹15,029.82 lakhs and revenue of ₹17,196.48 lakhs, showcasing robust growth.

Analysis Of Sahaj Solar IPO vs Ganesh Green Bharat IPO

Issue Size and Price Band: Sahaj Solar’s IPO is smaller in size compared to Ganesh Green Bharat, catering to different investor preferences. Sahaj Solar offers a price band that starts lower than Ganesh Green Bharat, potentially attracting a broader range of retail investors.

Listing Dates: Sahaj Solar and Ganesh Green Bharat have set their listing dates three days apart, influencing market dynamics differently.


Sahaj Solar IPO vs Ganesh Green Bharat IPO: While Sahaj Solar shows steady revenue growth but with more conservative profitability metrics and manageable debt levels, Ganesh Green Bharat displays robust revenue growth and significant profitability improvements, but higher debt levels. Investors should consider these factors along with their risk tolerance and investment objectives when evaluating these IPOs.

Disclaimer: Investing in IPOs carries inherent risks. Consult with financial experts or visit for detailed insights and analysis. By weighing these factors, investors can navigate the IPO landscape effectively, seizing opportunities aligned with their investment strategies.

FAQs of Sahaj Solar IPO vs Ganesh Green Bharat IPO

What is the IPO size of Sahaj Solar Limited and Ganesh Green Bharat Limited?

Sahaj Solar Limited’s IPO is valued at approximately ₹52.56 crores, while Ganesh Green Bharat Limited’s IPO stands at around ₹125.23 crores.

What are the price bands for Sahaj Solar Limited and Ganesh Green Bharat Limited IPOs?

Sahaj Solar Limited offers shares in the price band of ₹171 to ₹180 per share, whereas Ganesh Green Bharat Limited’s price band ranges between ₹181 to ₹190 per share.

When do Sahaj Solar Limited and Ganesh Green Bharat Limited IPOs open and close?

Sahaj Solar Limited’s IPO subscription period is from July 11 to July 15, 2024. Ganesh Green Bharat Limited’s IPO subscription period is from July 5 to July 9, 2024.

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