Kronox Lab Sciences IPO GMP Today & Day-wise

 Kronox Lab Sciences IPO GMP today is ₹30 and the expected listing price of Kronox Lab Sciences IPO is ₹166.

Here we update you about Kronox Lab Sciences Limited’s Mainboard IPO GMP daily. Also, update all Grey Market-related updates subject to Souda estimate listing price and listing gain.

Please note that GMP (Grey Market Premium) is an unofficial market. So before investing in Kronox Lab Sciences IPO be careful. We do not recommend that you invest in Kronox Lab Sciences IPO only show the Gray Merkate Premium.

How to invest in IPO properly, to get the answer you may visit –

Kronox Lab Sciences IPO GMP Day-wise

Here’s a table representing the Kronox Lab Sciences IPO Day-wise (Grey Market Premium) Trend:

MP DateIPO PriceGMPSub To SaudaExpected Listing PriceLast Updated
07-06-2024₹136₹302500₹166 (22.06%)07-June-2024 00:11
06-06-2024₹136₹403300₹176 (29.41%)06-June-2024 22:10
05-06-2024₹136₹403300₹176 (29.41%)05-June-2024 20:11
04-06-2024₹136₹504200₹186 (36.76%)04-June-2024 18:20
03-06-2024₹136₹826900₹218 (60.29%)03-June-2024 10:56
02-06-2024₹136₹826900₹218 (60.29%)02-June-2024 23:42
01-06-2024₹136₹826900₹218 (60.29%)01-June-2024 10:34
31-05-2024₹136₹826900₹218 (60.29%)31-May-2024 15:27
30-05-2024₹136₹806700₹216 (58.82%)30-May-2024 15:27
29-05-2024₹136₹0₹136 (0%)29-May-2024 13:27

This table displays the key details about the IPO price, GMP (Grey Market Premium), estimated listing price, and the last updated time.

Kronox Lab Sciences IPO Date

 Kronox Lab Sciences IPO is open for subscription on 03/06/2024 and closes on 05/06/2024.

IPO Open Date Of IPOJune 3, 2024Monday
IPO Close Date Of IPOJune 5, 2024Wednesday
Allotment Date Of IPOJune 6, 2024Thursday
Refunds Date Of IPOJune 7, 2024Friday
Credit of SharesJune 7, 2024Friday
Listing Date Of IPOJune 10, 2024Monday

FAQs Of Kronox Lab Sciences IPO GMP

What’s IPO GMP, and why does it matter?

IPO GMP, or Grey Market Premium, shows the extra amount investors are willing to pay for an IPO before it is listed on the stock exchange. It’s like a sneak peek into the market’s excitement about the IPO.

Can I rely solely on Kronox Lab Sciences IPO GMP for investment decisions?

It’s like using a weather forecast – helpful, but not foolproof. While IPO GMP gives a hint about market sentiment, it’s crucial to pair it with your research on the company and market trends.

Should I hurry to invest if IPO GMP is high?

Not necessarily. High GMP could mean high demand, but it also raises the risk of overpaying. It’s wise to weigh the GMP against the company’s fundamentals and your investment goals.

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