Quest Laboratories IPO GMP Live Today

Quest Laboratories IPO GMP Live Today

Quest Laboratories IPO was open for subscription on May 16, 2024, and closed on May 21, 2024. So here we update Quest Laboratories IPO GMP Live Today and Day by Day.

Quest Laboratories IPO GMP Live Today

Quest Laboratories IPO GMPGMP is ₹73IPO Price is ₹97Estimate Listing Price ₹170

The GMP prices mentioned here are solely for informational purposes and are related to the grey market. We neither engage in nor endorse trading or dealing in the grey market, nor are we subject to its rates. We do not recommend trading in the grey market.

Quest Laboratories IPO GMP Day By Day (Gray Market Premium)

GMP DateIPO PriceGMPSub to SaudaEstimated Listing PriceLast Updated
22-05-2024₹97₹73₹170 (75.26%)22/May/2024 01:11
21-05-2024₹97₹54₹151 (55.67%)21/May/2024 09:11
20-05-2024₹97₹55₹152 (56.7%)20/May/2024 23:11
19-05-2024₹97₹55₹152 (56.7%)19/May/2024 23:11
18-05-2024₹97₹55₹152 (56.7%)18/May/2024 23:11
17-05-2024₹97₹20₹117 (20.62%)17/May/2024 10:50
16-05-2024₹97₹20₹117 (20.62%)16/May/2024 17:50
15-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)15/May/2024 14:50
14-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)14/May/2024 23:20
13-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)13/May/2024 19:28
12-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)12/May/2024 11:28
11-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)12/May/2024 0:28
10-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)11/May/2024 0:32
09-05-2024₹97₹0 ₹97 (0%)10/May/2024 0:30

Quest Laboratories IPO Activity

Quest Laboratories IPO is a SME IPO. The IPO is going to be listed on the NSE Emerge Platform.

Quest Laboratories IPODate
IPO Open Date15-05-2024
IPO Close Date17-05-2024
Allotment Date21-05-2024
Refunds Initiation22-05-2024
The credit of Shares22-05-2024
Listing Date23-05-2024


The following information regarding IPO (Initial Public Offering) investment and GMP (Grey Market Premium) is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Investing in IPOs carries inherent risks, including the potential loss of principal investment. GMP, while commonly used as an indicator of market sentiment, may not accurately predict the future performance of a stock post-listing. Investors should conduct thorough research, consider their risk tolerance, and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.”

FAQs Of Quest Laboratories IPO GMP (Gray Market Premium)

What is the Quest Laboratories IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium Today?

The Quest Laboratories IPO GMP ( Grey Market Premium) Today is ₹73

Is Quest Laboratories IPO GMP Enough for Investment?

No Quest Laboratories IPO GMP is not enough for investment. Please analyse financial data and many other data for investment.

What is the tentative listing price of Quest Laboratories IPO?

The tentative listing price of Quest Laboratories IPO is ₹117. The data is subject to change on the investor’s demand.

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